Here’s a drawing (with dimensions) for a 12U audio equipment rack.

12U Audio Equipment Cabinet

I built two of these and then put a desk surface across the top. I used edge-glued pine from Lowe’s available in 20″ width so that one of these would be deep enough to hold my Mac Pro.

12U DeskThe rack rails are available on eBay.

On the desk surface, I mounted a riser to hold my MIDI controller and computer displays in between two nightstands from Ikea. (The Rast nightstand from Ikea makes a perfect 6U equipment rack for only fifteen bucks.)

Audio desk

The risers are edge-glued pine, and are supported by pine 1 x 4’s. Everything is screwed together for easy disassembly at a later point in time. The Rast nightstand from Ikea is also made of edge-glued pine, so the entire desk is made of the same material. For pictures of the desk, check out my studio page.