The Recording Academy

An organization of musicians, producers, recording engineers and other recording professionals dedicated to improving the quality of life and cultural condition for music and its makers

The Producers and Engineers Wing (P&E Wing) is a part of the academy made up of producers, engineers, mixers, and other technically involved professionals.

  • Addresses various aspects of issues facing the recording profession
  • Support music and recording arts education
  • Advocates for the use of professional usage of recording technology
  • Advocates the preservation of recordings

Audio Engineering Society (AES)

Draws its membership from amongst engineers, scientists, other individuals with an interest or involvement in the professional audio industry

  • The membership largely comprises engineers developing devices or products for audio, and persons working in audio content production
  • Also includes acousticians, audiologists, academics, and those in other disciplines related to audio

National Association of Broadcasters (NAB)

A trade association, workers union, and lobby group representing the interests of for-profit, over-the-air radio and television broadcasters in the United States

National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM)

A not-for-profit association that promotes the pleasures and benefits of making music and the music products industry

  • Serves as a hub for people wanting to seek out the newest innovations in musical products, recording technology, sound and lighting


Washington Area Music Association (WAMA)

A regional music industry not-for-profit organization based in Washington, D.C..

  • Activity centers around highlighting the area’s cultural contribution by assisting regional musicians with becoming recognized on a national scale.

The organization offers its members a variety of professional development services, including seminars, directories for networking, assistance with obtaining barcodes for recordings, and the production of live music events.

Songwriters Association of Washington (SAW)

A non-profit organization to benefit aspiring and professional songwriters.

  • Strengthen the craft of songwriting
  • Foster the talents of our members
  • Provide an active forum for songwriters and their work
  • Celebrate the power of music

Performance Rights Organizations (PRO)

Provides intermediary functions, particularly collection of royalties, between copyright holders and parties who wish to use copyrighted works publicly in locations such as shopping and dining venues.

Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI)

American Society Of Composers, Authors And Publishers (ASCAP)

Society of European Stage Authors and Composers (SESAC)


Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)

A trade organization that represents recording industry distributors in the United States. Its members consist of record labels and distributors. RIAA has its headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE)

An international professional association, based in the United States of America, of engineers working in the motion imaging industries.

  • An internationally recognized standards organizations
  • SMPTE has more than 600 Standards, Recommended Practices and Engineering Guidelines for television production, filmmaking, digital cinema, audio recording, information technology, and medical imaging
  • In addition to development and publication of technical standard documents, SMPTE provides networking opportunities for its members, produces academic conferences and exhibitions, and performs other industry-related functions

Acoustical Society of America (ASA)

An international scientific society dedicated to increasing and diffusing the knowledge of acoustics and its practical applications.