Below is a mixing template for Pro Tools. The following are already completed in the session:

  • Tracks have been grouped, colored, and routed to appropriate submasters.
  • FX sends and returns have been created.
  • Typical channel strip plug-ins have been inserted (appropriate to the instrument), but no settings are enabled.
  • The master fader includes metering plug-ins.

The intended purpose is to speed up your workflow by taking care of the setup/housekeeping step in the mixing process, so that you can start the creative flow sooner.

Feel free to replace the Avid/Digidesign plug-ins with your favorites.

  • Leave the settings flat or bypassed so there in nothing affecting the sound initially.

Once you have the session the way you want it, there are two ways to use it:

  1. If you have a session already in progress (i.e. from a recording session), you can import the tracks from the template using the Import -> Session Data command in the File menu. You can then move the audio clips onto the appropriate tracks.
  2. If you are given raw stems to mix, you can save the template using the Save As Template command in the File menu. (The template file will be saved in your applications folder.) The next time you create a new session, choose Create New Session from Template, and you’ll find the template there. You can then import the raw stems into your session on the appropriate tracks.

Download template here.

Pro Tools Mixing Template Screen Shot