Scoring for Video

I refer to this example as a commercial, even though I never intended for it to be so. I wanted to explore/learn Adobe After Effects as well as write music for some visual purpose.

I created this video using a template for Adobe After Effects. The music was produced in Apple Logic and mixed and mastered in Avid Pro Tools. The final video was rendered using Adobe Premiere Pro.

This timelapse was created using a Nikon D7100 DSLR with a Nikkor 10-24mm lens. The twin spires are of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Frederick, MD. I was on top of the Church Street parking garage for this shoot.

I put the D7100 into 1.3x crop mode and shot with 12-bit raw instead of 14-bit. With these two settings, I felt that was a good compromise between JPEGs and full raw files (which can be quite large). I prefer the editability of raw files, but I wouldn’t have been able to fit them all on my cards. I shot about a thousand images at three-second intervals. The playback is at 24 fps.

After developing the raw files in Adobe Camera Raw, I saved them all as JPEGs for importing into the NLE. I assembled the timelapse using Adobe After Effects so that I could add a slight camera move during playback.

The music was written using Apple Logic, supplemented by Propellerhead Reason and Native Instruments Battery. I also used my Moog Minitaur bass synth. Normally, I would mix in Avid Pro Tools, but since the song is so short, I didn’t think it was worth the hassle. However, I did the mastering in Pro Tools.

I used the YouTube version here because my basic Vimeo account limits the video resolution to 720p, and I wanted the 1080p version in this case.


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